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Ancient Sunken Cities

Posted by Akensai on June 02, 2011 in Education and has 53 replies.  

The general population of the world has no idea about these sunken cities, some call them the cities of Atlantis; but thats just myth. These sunken cities predate all other known civilizations on earth by thousands of years, so what exactly does that mean? Well it means we are entirely wrong about the history of human civilization, a host of people will tell you these cities are related to celestial help, basically aliens. I’m not saying I believe that but I do find these 3 sunken cities to be extremely interesting. There are hundreds of smaller sunken cities that have been found around the world, usually attributed to the hunt to find Atlantis, but these are true cities that existed in a time we thought we where all living in caves.


The Cambay Ruins – India

The Cambay Ruins, found off the coast of India in the bay of Cambay is one of many ancient sunken cities we currently know about. The vast city lies 120 feet below the ocean’s surface, it is 5 miles long and 3 miles wide, it predates the oldest known civilizations by around 5,000 years. It was discovered in 2001 on accident by India’s National Institute of Ocean Technology as they where testing pollution levels.

Found within the ancient sunken city is pottery, human remains, and a structure resembling that of the early pyramids, keep in mind that this city sank 5,000 years before any other known civilization, but it is believed to have lived in prosperity for 4,000 years before that.


Stone statue resembling that of the Egyptians

Montage of the Ruins of Cambay

Enormous structures built 9,000 years before the Egyptians


Sunken City of Yonaguni – Japan

Off the coast of Yonaguni Jima about 70 feet below the surface of the ocean is the Japanese Pyramid, usually called the “Japanese Atlantis”. These ruins are 5,000 years old and are believed to have sank 2,000 years ago after a massive earthquake. A Japanese professor of marine biology, Masaaki Kimura has been diving the site for nearly 20 years, the one thing he always tells the media is (roughly translated) “Every time I go down, I come back up believing this is the remains of an ancient city.” While this is not as surprising as the Ruins of Cambay, the Japanese Pyramid itself is still very intriguing. The Pyramid is enormous with a ton of right angles, meaning it could not have been formed, rather it had to be artificial, take a look at the images below.


Step Pyramid of Yonaguni

Ancient Yonaguni Walkway

Just to give you an idea of how big it is



Ancient Sunken City of Cuba

About a mile below the surface of the ocean in the waters of Cabo de San Antonio is the most intriguing of these ancient sunken cities. This one is thought to have sank at least 12,000 years ago, it was found by Paulina Zelitsky a Russian/Canadian oceanographer 15 years ago, the theory is that this city was old enough to exist during the Ice Age, the problem with this one though is that it is so far below the surface that it is nearly impossible to truly investigate it. Over time we have slowly upgraded our deep sea dive technology and in this time Zelitsky and her family have used the newest available gear to further examine the sunken city. So far they have found the remains of land animals, enormous ancient stone structures that resemble the faces of easter island, and yet another Pyramid. This city is still being debated as a “natural formation” by hard headed scholars trying to disprove the existence of civilization before Ancient Sumer, but the proof is all there.

Unfortunately there are no real images of this because of the extreme depth, the only thing possible of even reaching these depths are robotic dive camera’s, however there are some computer generated ocean scans of when they found the city that shows its size and structure, I believe the overall estimate is “about the size of a modern city.”


Computer generated image based off ocean scans


These are just some of the multiple sunken cities we have found in the last few decades, these are ultimately my most favorite but if you want to keep looking into this, try searching for the sunken city of lake Titicaca.

  • Mike

    Very interesting, I watched a documentary on sunken cities like these awhile back, the board at the college where I work will not allow me to teach of these ancient civilizations as it’s commonly attributed to disproving Christianity.

    • a_fallen_angel

      Sorry Mike, but which Christian religion are you refering to… the majority of them includign the Vatican do NOT teach that Genesis was to be taken literally to mean a day is 24 hours and therefore do not postulate that we humans could only be 5,000 years old; it is quite the opposite. Look it up!

      • Fountain_films

        The Vatican is catholic not christian 

    • jonathan

      There is the story of the great flood(Noahs ark) and th e drowned cities would only verify that an intelligent civilization existed at one time. No big deal

  • элита

    пространство путешествия древние иностранцев секс на человеческий род

  • Akensai

    @ elite
    I love you silly Russians

    “An ancient alien race had sex with ancient humans.”


      I hate to say it but the silly Russian is correct


      If you don’t believe it look at the dna of the planet closest dna is chimps only problem is 48 strands humans have 46 all other species have 48 thats why the missing link can’t be found the dna found at Roswell is 46

  • Mondo


  • Davey Joe

    I hate the fact that these cities go unnoticed simply because the Pope/etc disproves them with no knowledge other than they exist.

    I guess it would be pretty bad if something broke religion, for the people that make a living off it, anyways.

  • johnathan

    Sorry Davey Joe it is not the religious community that fears the undiscovered discoveries that suddenly become discovered. It is the scientific community . It is the scientists who fear being humiliated when found wrong. Since the end of the 20th century, the Vatican, and the Pope, is taking this information and using it to promote free thought and point out that it is simply God’s way of finally giving us the correct meaning of scripture. That’s God’s will. Yeah, I’m a Jesuit and that is the Jesuit way. Open-mindedness.

    • stephen

      The vatican and a lot of its members are guilty of some of the worst crimes known to human kind , does not promote free thought and never has , however due to recent crimes to humanity it has to back down , don’t spout that religous clap trap that nobody except the very insane or deluded believes.

      • LeoInTheWoods

        Vatican’s issues ended centuries ago. Today, Islam is blasting anything tht predates them.

  • chris

    One of the reasons that more is not been made of these finds is that around 20 – 30 yrs ago a small band of people (scientists included) were postulating that civilisation had started before the end of the last ice age (in and around 12,000 bc). The vast majority of scientists basically called “bollocks” (uk english slang – look it up!) and called the small minority cranks.

    Now we’ve found these cities the vast majority STILL do not want to be wrong…

  • jerome

    very true chris also check out bosnian pyramids

  • carl mack

    It’s really sad that these so called hard headed ” scholars ” have their heads in the sand and try to discredit these people who bring to light all of these awesome discoveries. if left to these so called ” scholars ” we would never have found King Tut’s Tomb, I think it’s high time the truly knowledgeable archeologist’s and oceanographers are given a free hand to explore and bring forth as much knowledge of these ancient treasures to be shared with mankind, and to these so called “scholars” just keep your heads in the sand. I would truly love to see them find evidence of modern like skyscrapers and highways from before recorded history buried under the sand.

  • medusarantz

    just proves my point that I was born into consciousness at the wrong time. brilliantly crafted edifices. what an honor to be among them.

    • TooTall

      I agree, I feel the exact same way.

  • Akensai

    I drunkly wrote this about 7 months ago, I had no idea it would be the most visited page on the site… Going on 1.2m unique views in that time frame.

    Do you guys think I should revisit this with some more little-known sunken cities? Let me know what you think and I will spend a few weeks researching instead of a few minutes.

    • Yanoquedannombres92

      please go ahead !!

    • Northcount

       Increase the evidence!

      • Rottinkulo

        go visit those places in person

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  • ycd0108

    Been a while. I’m linking your stuff to a blog on Weather Underground if you don’t mind.

  • Douglas Hollis

    Couldn’t help but notice that a number of these images appear to have been photoshopped?  Clearly the one right at the bottom is computer generated, I’m talking about the others…the ones that are supposedly 70-120ft below the surface, but look so well lit.  Just a comment.  Would be interesting if it’s true, but can one simply accept it as such?

    • nbgb

       but you could accept some mythical religion only on “faith’.  hmmmm

    • Trapped_In_Time

      Aside from that one at the bottom I see only one other computer generated image in the lot (the one with the Dolphins).  The rest don’t look “photoshopped” at all.  They’re most likely so well lit because they’re not that deep.  When you see a SCUBA diver in normal gear (no deep water pressurized suit) in the picture, that generally means he’s not very deep.  Look at all of the amazing photos that have been taken underwater in the last 50 years.  They seem pretty well lit – no techno-mischief there.  

  • Markwinters51


    • Irritated reader.

       Learn to use punctuation.

      • Fountain_films

        Punctuation is no longer needed anymore, quit complaining and accept it! 

  • Stevenferszt

    giants lived on the earth in those days , i know were atlantis is too , atlanic ocean look at old maps south america , africa also has antartic no ice & mapped

  • Garethhowland

    Where is Atlantis ? Any thoughts on Atlantis being a space ship not an island

    • a_fallen_angel

      I was thinking more like an iceburg…

  • don

    Anon.- I had an experience over twenty years ago while in a state of mystical illumination which seems relevant to the fate of these “lost cities’-  I encountered what appeared to be a non human type of collective intelligence with awesome capabilitys who claimed to have created us and destroyed us in the past. For what it is worth; they warned me that they would do it again unless we take proper care of our children. I suspect that these creators are some kind of technology placed here to monitor our development????.  

  • Srab89

    I think you should write more, and let me proofread it and that posted above :-)

  • Raghuvir Agnihotri

    Ancient Civilizations must be related to Indus Valley Civilization of Indian Subcontinent. It is the most ancient civilization known to mankind. The starting point of all civilizations is Sanatan Dharma ( Hinduism) & the world shall discover it soon.

    • Fountain_films

      Actually Symeria is the oldest known civilization, with the first recorded language 


      dna says Ethiopia region

  • Robertparker7763

    i think the one off japan is a quary

  • Zuessman69

    idiots, open your eyes and your minds. You would be surprised how capable we all are and how far back we have existed.

  • redcapmike

    Graham Hancock wrote about these cities in his book, “Underworld.”  One thing to keep in mind is that most of these cities did not sink, they were submerged when sea level rose.  As Hancock discusses and shows, at the Last Glacial Maximum (20,000 years ago), sea level was 200 meters lower than it is today, so the Yonigoni site was well above seal level then as well as the ancient Indian cities, which sit on a very long and flat offshore plain.  Only the Cuban site sits below the ancient sea level.


    I hate to say it but the silly Russian is correct


    If you don’t believe it look at the dna of the planet closest dna is chimps only problem is 48 strands humans have 46 all other species have 48 thats why the missing link can’t be found the dna found at Roswell is 46

  • Marcos Shilevara

    Great article once again! Keep em coming.

  • Eros80820

    my thought about this thing is it is extremely accurate and im a critique A++++++

  • the founder

    highly accurate i helped find the cambay ruins i have to hide my identity though

  • michael hutchings

    i am humbled by what i dont know

  • Ray

    Main stream archeologist and scientists disprobed these discoveries just because they will have to change everything, human history must be rewritting and evolution maybe will be removed from books. Thanks for this great article, you just open my mind.

  • Roshan Mathew Verghese

    yeah ..posting the same pic for the gulf of cambay stuff and for the yonaguni structure is ..ahem…takes the life out of the post. try to be skeptical instead of blindly believing what you read on fringe websites. research for yourself.

    Sorry..your tag line of ‘Share the knowledge” beat the dust. It should be ‘Share the fiction”

    Sad to see 1.2m of people who dont use logical thought process!!

    • Martin Parker

      Suppose you missed the part where he wrote that it’s near impossible to reach? The image is computer generated off sonar scans of the bottom.

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  • Henry

    During the time between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2 millions of years went by, it was during this time God created his likeness and all the angels were asked to bow before this god like being. Satin being very up set with God at that request He wage a war in heaven and on earth almost destroying the planet. They lost the war and as a result Satin and his angels were cast to earth and to earth they would have to stay. There command was to teach God’s creation how to live. Then God recreated the Earth and place a garden in the east then placed his creation in the garden to take care of . This went along fine until Satin decided to tempt the women. The women gave into the temptation and proceeded to tempt Man which gave in to the temptation. At this point all who were in the garden were removed. Then a battle took place between Able and Cain the first two sons of man. Cain ended up killing his brother and was sent away from his family. It was the families from Cain that were influenced by the fallen angels called evil watchers. The evil watchers taught Gods creation all the wrong things about how to live in Gods creation. The evil watchers are the ones who took earthly women and had giants and helped Cain’s decadence build city’s.