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 Posted by Akensai on January 28, 2012 in Reviews, Tech and has 11 replies.  

Netbook Operating Systems

For Christmas I bought myself a netbook, mainly so I can lay around on the couch, play video games, etc while I work. It’s been nearly a month now and I have been trying various Operating Systems to figure out which is best for what I need, what I need is just web access, SSH, and an RDP client. Anyways, »

 Posted by Akensai on November 26, 2011 in Internet, Tech, Tutorials and has 19 replies.  

Recently I had the pleasure of setting up a VPN via a 512mb Linode VPS ($20/mo) and I must say it impressed me beyond all belief. Why did it impress me you ask? Well, uptime is incredible and the speeds are nothing short of amazing. I am connected right now via the VPN I setup in Georgia and it feels »

 Posted by Akensai on May 31, 2011 in Tech, Tutorials and has 30 replies.  

As you may know, I run a 1500 slot Mumble server off of a DreamHost VPS. You may be thinking “why the hell is he doing that?” well, Murmur is so light-weight that it takes almost nothing to run, at this exact moment I have 49 people in mine and I can’t even measure the resource use, its that low. »